Aligner32 Guarantee

At the end of your treatment (having followed all stipulated guidelines), if you aren’t happy with the outcome, reach out to us and we will re-evaluate your results. You may be eligible for additional aligners if your re-evaluation is approved. Reach out to us within 10 business days after completing the treatment.

To maintain your Aligner32 Guarantee, you need to:

  • Wear aligners as instructed: Wearing your aligners as directed is important to achieve projected results. If instructions are not followed the guarantee becomes void.
  • Keep your aligners safe: Keep all of your aligners safe until the end of your treatment. It is important as during treatment our experts may ask you to move back to the previous aligner.
  • Send teeth pictures: Provide photos when requested (with and without aligners on).
  • Avoid any dental work: If you need to have any dental work done during your clear aligner treatment, please be aware this may impact your treatment plan and void your guarantee.
  • Wear your retainers: Continue wearing the final retainer as teeth will start to shift back if you don’t hold them in place.

if you are not covered under Aligner32 Guarantee, you may require to pay additional cost to achieve projected results.