What to Do If You Encounter Issues with Your Clear Aligners

clear aligners.

A smile is an expression that reflects your excitement and inner happiness. Everyone wishes for a smile that they can flaunt, however, not everyone has a perfectly aligned smile by birth. People who wish to achieve a perfectly aligned smile utilize different orthodontic treatments to do so. There are many options available today but traditional braces have always been the staple when it comes to teeth straightening. However, clear aligners with their innovative approach have created a huge impact in the orthodontic world. This relatively novel technology has a lot of benefits to offer but just like every other treatment it has its nuances as well. In this blog, we will inform our readers regarding the issues that are seen with clear aligners and how to resolve them.

Understanding Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a modern and more comfortable approach for teeth straightening. They are transparent, customized plastic trays that fit to teeth and gradually apply force. They are known for providing effective treatment for numerous dental issues. From gapped teeth to overcrowding, and bite alignment issues, clear aligners can be your solution. Clear aligners are preferred for being an invisible and removable approach for teeth straightening, unlike metallic braces. Patients can enjoy different benefits of clear aligners including eating any time they want without any hurdle, maintaining better oral health, and zero compromise on the overall appearance.

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Issues with Clear Aligners

Clear aligners do bring benefits and are known to cause fewer difficulties when compared with metallic braces. However, orthodontic patients can still encounter issues with clear aligners. Below are some of the issues that you might face with your clear aligner treatment along with their solutions.

Pain and discomfort

It is common to experience pain and slight discomfort as you begin your teeth straightening journey with clear aligners. Patients are not used to having any external device on their teeth which is why it often feels displeasing. However, this pain is usually minimized as you get used to the device. Furthermore, patients who cannot bear the discomfort can relieve the discomfort through over-the-counter pain medication. If the pain aggravates to an unbearable state, you might need to visit your orthodontist and they will monitor the adjustments.

Problems with adjusting aligners

Clear aligners are not fixed like metallic braces. Patients can take them off every time they have a meal or want to brush their teeth. Sometimes, when patients reinsert their aligners they are unable to fix them properly which leads to discomfort. When reapplying aligners, patients are recommended to bite on chewies as they help to fix aligners entirely to their teeth. Patients should always avoid forceful application as it may damage aligners and impact their effectiveness. In case, you are not able to fix aligners even with chewies, contact your provider for assistance.

Speech Problems

During the initial stages of teeth straightening, patients often experience slight issues with speech or lisping. You need to be patient as you begin the treatment.

Without getting all stressed and anxious, you might want to try speaking slowly. Moreover, as you proceed with the treatment, your speech issues are more likely to be resolved. In case the issue persists and worsens, you should consider consulting your orthodontist or clear aligner provider.


Some patients might get some allergic reactions with aligners. It is rare, but if you experience itching, swelling, or any other complication, you can stop wearing aligners and book an appointment with your orthodontist. They will assist you by checking all the symptoms and possible causes of the allergies.

Monitoring Issues

clear aligners.
Orthodontist guiding a patient regarding clear aligners

For an effective clear aligner treatment, patients need to track their aligner-wearing time ranges between 20-22 hours per day. However, if you are unable to keep up with the wearing time, you can encounter issues with the treatment. For instance, your treatment duration may increase and you may not feel rapid teeth movement as it should be. To avoid this issue, you need to ensure that you are consistent with your aligners and wear them as prescribed. You can also discuss your concerns with your provider or orthodontist and they will suggest tips to keep up with treatment.

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Encountering issues with clear aligners can be stressful, hence it is important to address them immediately to ensure a smooth orthodontic treatment. By following the simple tips mentioned in this guide, you can effectively solve these issues and continue your treatment. Lastly, do not stay in pain, and reach out to your aligner provider as soon as you feel like getting assistance. With consistency and patience, you can achieve a straighter and brighter smile just as you dreamed of.


1. What are some common issues faced with clear aligners?

As you begin your teeth straightening journey with clear aligners, initially you might feel some discomfort, pain, or issue with speech.

2. How to overcome pain and discomfort due to clear aligners?

Pain and discomfort are usually just in the beginning and go away as you proceed and get used to the device. However, patients can opt for some painkillers or consult an orthodontist in case of severe pain.

3. Are there any issues if I do not wear aligners for the prescribed duration?

Yes, the wearing time for effective treatment of clear aligners is 20-22 hours per day. Patients must follow the prescribed duration to avoid prolonged and ineffective treatment.

4. How long is the clear aligner treatment?

The treatment duration for clear aligners depends on the case. Some minor issues can be addressed quickly whereas, severe cases, may take longer. An average expected duration ranges from 4-6 months.

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