Straighten your teeth with two affordable plans

We recognize your need for teeth straightening and a healthy smile. With our affordable payment options for our two highly effective treatment plans, we aim to give everyone a chance to smile all they want to.


Set of Retainers

(Worth $199)

Free Shipping - US Mainland

Set of Retainers

(Worth $199)

Free Shipping - US Mainland

Straighten your teeth with the plan convenient for you

All-Day plan

  • 22 hours of daily wear time
  • Treatment takes 4 to 6 months

Single Arch

$1149 $625 or $53/month

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Dual Arch

$1449 $875 or $49/month

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Night Wear Plan

  • 10 hours of daily wear time
  • Treatment takes 6 to 8 months

Single Arch

$1249 $725 or $41/month

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Dual Arch

$1549 $975 or $55/month

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Start with getting your impression kit for an affordable price

Your impression kit will be delivered to the comfort of your home at an affordable price of $69.99 $24.99. You will be able to make your dental impressions and send them back to our team of experts.

If our team finds you a suitable candidate for our clear aligners, you can select any of our affordable treatment plans and start your journey towards healthy teeth straightening as soon as possible.


$69.99 $24.99


If our experts determines that you are not a right candidate for our aligner treatment, you will be fully refunded for your purchase. 


$69.99 $24.99 Only


What if I am not a candidate?

After receiving your dental impressions, our team of experts will analyze your case and if you are not suitable for our clear aligners treatment, the whole cost of your impression kit will be refunded to you.

What is the difference between All-Day Wear and Night Wear?

The All-Day Wear clear aligners provide fast and convenient treatment while you carry on with your day-to-day tasks whereas the Night Wear clear aligners help your teeth straightening process without interfering with your daily routine.

You will need to wear your All-Day Wear clear aligners for 22 hours a day while the Night Wear clear aligners are worn for 10 hours during the time when you sleep.

Do you accept payments from HSA and FSA?

Yes, we do accept payments from HSA and FSA debit or credit cards. You can process the payment as you would do with any of your other debit or credit cards.

Will I have to pay for my retainers once my treatment ends?

You will not have to pay for your initial set of retainers after your treatment ends. No matter what plan you choose, your first set of retainers will be delivered to you free of cost along with your aligner trays. As it is advised to change your retainer trays after every 6 months, you can order more sets of retainers from our website.

Can I pay off my installment plan early?

Yes, you can pay the full amount early even if you choose our affordable monthly payment option. You can contact us and we will gladly help you through the process.