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What is a Retainer?

Retainers are custom-made devices created to hold teeth in their new position after braces or any orthodontic treatment.

They play a crucial role in preventing teeth from gradually shifting back towards their original position, ensuring long-lasting orthodontic results.

Aligner32 Retainers: Keep Your Smile in Place

Maintain the beauty and health of your smile with Aligner32's expertly crafted retainers. Designed for both effectiveness and comfort, our retainers ensure that your teeth remain aligned and your smile stays perfect, long after your braces come off.

For Just $145 or as low as $13/mo

What's Included

Impression Kit: Custom-fit from the comfort of your home.

High-Quality Retainer: Made with long-lasting, safe materials.

Protective Case: A convenient case to keep your retainer clean and safe.

Free Shipping: Fast, free delivery right to your doorstep across the US.

Ensure your perfect smile lasts a lifetime with Aligner32 Retainers—the essential choice for post-orthodontic care.

What are the benefits?

Experience the advantages of our retainers: Precision fit for effective alignment maintenance and long-lasting dental health.

Lasting Stability

 Aligner32 Retainers are crucial for maintaining your dental alignment after orthodontic adjustments, ensuring your smile stays perfect.

Personalized Fit

Each retainer is custom-made from an impression of your teeth, guaranteeing a comfortable, secure fit.

Superior Materials

Made from durable, BPA-free materials, Aligner32 Mouth Guards offer reliable, long-lasting protection in any sport.

Ease of Care

Aligner32 Retainers are simple to maintain, requiring only basic cleaning with mild soap and cool water.

Cost-Effective Solution

We offer high-quality retainers at an accessible price, including everything you need to maintain your smile.

Free Shipping

Enjoy the added convenience of free shipping directly to your doorstep across the US.


How often should I wear my retainer?

Follow the specific guidelines provided by your orthodontist, typically nightly at first, then a few nights a week as advised.

Can I clean my retainer with toothpaste?

Avoid abrasive toothpaste; instead, use a soft toothbrush and gentle soap to prevent scratching.

What should I do if my retainer feels tight or uncomfortable?

If discomfort persists, consult with your orthodontist—it may need adjustment.

Are retainers covered by insurance?

Many dental plans do cover retainers; check your specific policy details for coverage information.

What if I lose my retainer?

Contact us for a replacement. It’s important to replace a lost retainer quickly to prevent your teeth from shifting.

Does Aligner32 offer a warranty on retainers?

Yes, we offer a limited warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship.