Save up on aligners with your dental insurance

All-Day Plan $1299
Insurance coverage -$550
HSA/FSA -$300
Price you pay $449

*Prices indicated above could change depending on provider and coverage because they are not set. This is only an example of the coverage.

Straighten your teeth with the plan convenient for you

All-Day plan

  • 22 hours of daily wear time
  • Treatment takes 4 to 6 months

Single Arch

$1149 $849 or $77/month

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Dual Arch

$1449 $1149 or $131/month

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Night Wear Plan

  • 10 hours of daily wear time
  • Treatment takes 6 to 8 months

Single Arch

$1249 $949 or $86/month

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Dual Arch

$1549 $1249 or $140

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  • Can I use my dental insurance to pay for my invisible aligners?

      Aligner32 can help you divide the money between accounts if you are paying through your HSA/FSA but we haven’t started making direct payments to insurance companies yet. However, we can provide you with receipts or any other documents which can help you to claim your orthodontic insurance with your company.

  • Can I pay through my HSA/FSA accounts?

      You can pay through any debit card linked to your HSA/FSA accounts just like you would pay with any regular Visa or MasterCard.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee if I am not eligible for Aligner32’s invisible aligners?

      If our doctor determines that you are not the right candidate for our aligner treatment, you will be fully refunded for your purchase.

  • What if my HSA/FSA doesn’t have enough funds to cover my entire purchase?

      Before making the payment, you should double-check the funds in your HSA/FSA accounts. In case you do not have enough funds in your HSA/FSA, we can handle your order over call and help you to divide your money between HSA/FSA and your other bank card.