Importance of Teeth Straightening

Importance of Teeth Straightening

What can be more exciting than having people around you gushing about your beautiful smile? Teeth straightening is a process that aligns your teeth using dental instruments and helps you achieve a bright new smile.

From crooked teeth to a protruding jaw, misaligned teeth affect your appearance in a significant way. It is essential to correct teeth misalignment as its dangers stretch far beyond your dental health.

Besides affecting your appearance, misaligned teeth can create various medical issues, ranging from headaches and joint pain to tooth decay and periodontal diseases. Misalignment of teeth is due to the crowding or overlapping of teeth. However, it can be corrected by the teeth straightening process using several methods, including traditional metal braces or their alternative clear aligners. You can make a consultation visit to your doctor and get your case of misalignment assessed. After examining your case, your doctor will suggest a suitable method for your treatment. Once you are satisfied with your treatment option, your doctor will create a personalized treatment plan for you and begin your treatment once you approve the treatment plan. Read below to find out the necessary reasons behind teeth straightening.

Reasons Behind Teeth Straightening

Everyone wishes to enhance their appearance, and what can make you shine brighter than perfectly straightened teeth? Besides, teeth straightening doesn’t just benefit your appearance but also prevents several medical issues. Traditional metal braces are what one thinks as soon as he hears teeth straightening. Metal braces are the oldest treatment option available for misaligned teeth and have proved to be highly effective in treating misalignment. Growing up, people might refrain from getting this treatment because of constant doctor visits and getting metal braces attached to their teeth. It can be tiresome as well as low on their confidence. However, getting your teeth straightened has become a convenient and affordable process. It has been made possible because of clear aligners, a flexible alternative to traditional metal braces. With the advancement in orthodontics, it is easy to take care of your oral health and go for teeth straightening treatment if you face teeth misalignment. If not treated, it can result in several health issues.
  • It harms your face aesthetics. Having crooked or crowded teeth affects your smile and makes you lose the confidence to open your mouth in public.
  • Due to gaps between your teeth or the overlapping of the upper and lower front teeth, you can get an improper bite face difficulty while biting down on food.
  • Overlapped or crowded teeth can make it difficult for you to brush or floss your teeth, which causes gum diseases, tooth decay, and tooth loss.
  • You can develop a lisp while speaking, as it can be difficult to pronounce certain sounds.
  • Overlapped or missing teeth at the back can make it difficult to chew, which may result in swollen gums.
  • Misalignment of the jaw due to overlapping teeth can result in TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). It causes severe headaches and jaw pain.
Teeth straightening treatment can help to prevent these risks, enhancing your self-esteem in the process.

Benefits of Teeth Straightening

From improving your self-confidence by aligning your smile to fixing your oral health by correcting your misalignment, teeth straightening can benefit you in several ways.

Easier to Clean Your Teeth

Usually, when food gets stuck between your teeth, you might only feel slight irritation, but the problem extends far beyond that discomfort. If not cleaned properly, it can result in several gum diseases. Misalignment makes it difficult for you to brush or floss your teeth. Overlapping teeth don’t have much space between them for the bristles of the brush or the dental floss to reach the particles of food stuck there. Bacteria start affecting the gum, which may result in different periodontal diseases. With time, tooth enamel wears out, and it causes tooth loss. Teeth straightening can solve this issue for you. With perfectly aligned teeth, you can brush your teeth and easily floss to prevent the bacteria from affecting your gums.

Improved Self-Confidence

In case your teeth aren’t straight or overlap one another, you will not be comfortable opening your mouth among people. Teeth straightening has fixed this problem by aligning your teeth and giving you a new, beautiful smile. It means that you do not need to shy around anymore. By choosing the available options, you can boost your self-esteem.

Easy to Bite or Chew

Food can be considered as energy for the soul. You might have a few food items you love and would prefer to eat whenever you want. Imagine you are unable to eat your favorite food for a long time because of your teeth. Yes, it is possible. If your front upper and lower set of teeth overlap each other, you will not be able to bite at hard food items. Moreover, if the lower and upper sets of teeth at the back of your mouth overlap each other, it can make chewing a painful job. Teeth straightening helps you in being able to eat anything your desire without a single worry in the world.

No Headaches or Jaw Pain

Misaligned or crooked teeth can also put a strain on your jaw. Due to the crooked or overlapped teeth, it will be difficult for you to pronounce certain sounds. Straight teeth make it easier for you to talk without facing difficulty in pronouncing sounds. Teeth straightening aligns your jaw, which relaxes the muscles while you speak and prevent jaw pain and headaches.

Improved Oral Hygiene

Bacteria can be developed inside your mouth and start affecting your gums due to the food stuck between your teeth. This will result in gum diseases, tooth decay, or tooth loss. The bacteria can cause constant bad breath as well. To avoid this, you can visit your doctor for a consultation visit and get your teeth straightened. This will improve your oral hygiene and prevent numerous diseases from affecting your mouth.

Clear Aligners for Teeth Straightening

Clear aligners are used to treat teeth misalignment. They are a flexible alternative to traditional metal braces. They are convenient to use and have efficient results. Here are a few benefits of clear aligners;

Almost Invisible

Clear aligners are made up of clear plastic which makes them almost invisible and unnoticeable to the people around you. Unlike metal braces, you can wear your clear aligners in public and smile all you want to. Because of their plastic material, people would not even notice you wearing those aligners. However, they will not be able to ignore your perfectly aligned teeth and beautiful smile.

Can Be Removed

Remember with good old traditional metal braces, you were always worried about food getting stuck into the brackets? Clear aligners have taken that constant worrying off your shoulders. You can remove the aligners of your free will, eat up to your fill, clean your teeth and put your aligners back on. There might also be times when might not want to wear your aligners to an important meeting or event. In that case, you can easily remove them and carry out your activities but make sure to put them back on as soon as you are done as you have come this far and you might not want to risk your whole teeth straightening treatment.

No Restrictions on the Food

There are absolutely no limitations on whatever you eat no matter how hard or chewy it is. Traditional metal braces hold you back from biting on hard edibles as the brackets are fragile. With clear aligners, however, you can easily eat your desired food without inconvenience. You simply need to remove them for a while and you can feed on whatever you are craving.

Do Not Cause Pain

Another benefit is that clear aligners do not hurt at all. They might cause slight irritation in the beginning but since they are made of clear plastic, like metal braces, they cannot bruise the insides of your mouth. The discomfort might not go away for the initial weeks as the aligners constantly need to put gentle pressure on your teeth, but the good part is that due to their removable nature, clear aligners do not cause you any pain.

Improved Dental Hygiene

Afraid of food getting stuck between your teeth and people peeking at it every time you open your mouth to speak or smile? With the flexible nature of clear aligners, it is easier for you to maintain a healthy routine of brushing and flossing. Clear aligners have made teeth straightening a smooth treatment process. While you remove your aligners for eating something, you can easily brush your teeth and floss them before putting the aligners back on.

Can Be Cleaned

Metal braces result in tooth discoloration because it is a bit difficult to clean them as they are affixed to your teeth and cannot be removed. With aligners, however, this is not the case. Aligners are easily removable and can be cleaned. You can take off your aligners and soak them in a denture container. Later, rinse them with lukewarm water.

Aligner32’s Effective Teeth Straightening

Aligner32 brings you an affordable and convenient service along with efficient results. Our clear aligners give you a complete remote experience with 24/7 customer support. The aligners can be ordered from our website. You will have the option to get a suitable plan at once by making a full-time payment or choosing to pay in installments every month. With its fast and affordable service, Aligner32 aims to give you an amazing teeth-straightening journey.
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