Understanding Everything Inside a Clear Aligner Kit

Clear Aligners for teeth straightening

In the recent advances of life, orthodontic treatments have been revolutionized causing major shifts. One of the noticeable changes that has occurred in orthodontics is the shift to clear aligners for teeth straightening. Having a clear and brighter smile is what everybody looks forward to. A perfect smile not only provides an edge to your overall appearance but enhances confidence.

Traditional braces have always been a step to teeth straightening. However, Clear Aligners have become a popular choice among patients who look forward to teeth straightening in a discrete and comfortable way. Here is a detailed guide on Clear Aligners which will help you understand everything that is included inside a Clear Aligner Kit.

What are Clear Aligners

Are you self-conscious about not having a perfect smile? Well, not anymore! Clear Aligners brings a more discrete and comfortable way for teeth alignment. An invisible object that covers your teeth and is barely seen. These aligners provide a gentle and mild pressure to your teeth that helps in the gradual reposition of teeth. If you have mild to moderate orthodontic complications, Clear Aligners could be the orthodontic solution. However, patients with complex problems might have to consult a professional to make a sound decision.

 Clear Aligners
Clear Aligners

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Why are Clear Aligners used?

The rising number of orthodontic patients has increased the demand for comfortable teeth alignment. To cope with orthodontic concerns, Clear Aligners were introduced, providing a comfortable and easy orthodontic experience. If you have teeth gaps, crooked teeth, or any alignment issues, you can look forward to Clear Aligners. However, the number of aligners and treatment depends on the severity of the case and differs among every individual.

Clear Aligners are clear, thin, plastic trays that are customized to fit in your mouth. Aligners can be removed when required. This trait has made it easier for patients to enjoy their meals by removing aligners and reducing the chances of discoloration and stains that are usually caused in traditional braces.

Aligner32 Innovative Approach

Aligner32 brings an innovative approach for providing orthodontic treatment from the comfort of your home. Get your teeth straightened in simple steps at Aligner32.

  1. Firstly, take a free assessment to check whether you are an ideal candidate to get Clear Aligners.
  2. Order our Clear Aligner Kit and an impression kit will be sent to you.
  3. Our team will further send you the 3D treatment plan projecting your new smile.
  4. The AlignerCo team will create your customized Aligners according to your impressions.
  5. Wear your invisible aligners and experience a comfortable teeth straightening process.

Clear Aligner Kit

To begin your journey to a clear and better smile, you can avail of the clear aligner treatment. Here is everything that is included in a Clear Aligner Kit.

Impression Kit

An impression kit includes impression trays, cheek retractors, and disposable gloves. Dental procedures must be handled with care in order to avoid any sort of contamination during the process. Disposable Gloves are included in the Impression kit to help patients keep intact the hygiene and safety. Further, the impression kit includes an Impression Tray Box which has both Upper tray and Lower tray. This dental impression kit helps patients to provide their impressions in an ideal way. Another basic and important component of an Impression kit is the impression putty and a cheek retractor.

Smile Projection

Apart from the impression kit, Clear Aligner Kit includes Smile Projection. With the help of a 3D Smile projection, patients are able to have a look at the predicted outcome. It is also considered as a discussion point between the orthodontist and patient regarding the results and the treatment goal. Upon the approval of the patient, aligners are manufactured for the procedure.


The main component of the Clear Aligner Kit is the set of Clear Aligners. These aligners are customized according to the patient's impressions. To facilitate a perfect teeth alignment procedure these aligners are worn for a specific period depending on the treatment plan.


Chewies are cylindrical cushion type foams provided to orthodontic patients. Chewise are added in a clear aligner kit for patients to sort their aligner adjustments. After applying aligners, patients can use chewies to apply gentle pressure to set aligners. With the help of chewies, you can wear your aligners in a comfortable way. Moreover, its proper use can help with the effectiveness of aligners.

Pull Tool

Clear Aligner Kit includes a pull tool. A Pull tool is used for the effective and safe removal of Clear Aligners. It helps prevent any sort of damage to the aligners. These pull tools are designed in a way that provides a comfortable handling approach for orthodontic patients. Patients are recommended to use pull tools for removing clear aligners and avoid any excessive force that may lead to damaging the aligners.


Retainers are included in the clear aligner kit. These are used for the post aligner treatment care. Retainers help in maintaining the new position of your teeth. Moreover, the use of Retainers prevents any sort of relapse to the teeth alignment.

Benefits of At-home Clear Aligners:

Orthodontic patients who want to achieve a smile of their dreams can prefer at-home clear aligners. Following are some of the benefits of Clear Aligners that you could look forward to.


Some people are hesitant to get braces because of their appearance. Traditional braces include metallic components and wires which are easily visible. However, at-home Clear Aligners are invisible which are barely visible. It is the best feature especially for people who do not want to compromise their overall appearance.

Oral Health Intact

Clear Aligners provides an edge to keep your oral health intact. When it comes to traditional braces, it usually gets extremely hard to keep your oral hygiene. Due to brackets and wires, brushing often gets hard compromising overall dental hygiene. Whereas, if you are opting for Clear Aligners you can maintain dental health and minimize any sort of discoloration and stains.

Comfortable Treatment

Enjoy an enhanced comfortable treatment with Clear Aligners. Traditional braces often cause discomfort and irritation due to fixed wires, brackets, and sharp edging. Whereas, clear aligners do not cause any irritation and are comfortable to wear.

Decreased Restrictions

As compared to traditional aligners, Clear Aligners bring less restrictions. As they are removable braces, you can easily take off your aligners and enjoy your meals. Moreover, you can have any sort of meal and immediately brush. Unlike traditional braces where you can damage your braces with sticky foods. And there is a risk of food stuck between your bracket and wires leaving stains.

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Now you can easily have a perfect smile from the ease of your home. Clear Aligners have become a popular choice when it comes to teeth straightening. It not only gives an aesthetic appearance, but also provides a comfortable dental treatment experience. These aligners have become a preferred choice of treatment for mild or moderate cases. However, caution must be taken in complex cases. Get your Clear Aligner Kit today to begin your aesthetic teeth straightening journey. And get a smile you have always wished for.


1. What is a Clear Aligner Kit?

Clear Aligners have become a popular approach towards teeth straightening. Patients are provided with a Clear Aligner kit which includes impression kits, smile projection, chewies, retainers and pull tools to ensure a smooth treatment process.

2. Who needs a clear aligner kit?

Clear Aligners are an alternative to traditional braces. Patients who like to have aligner treatment from the comfort of their homes can opt for clear aligners and can get clear aligner kits.

3. Are clear aligners as effective as metal braces?

Yes, both orthodontic treatments are well approached and effective for teeth straightening. However, clear aligners are a popular preference among patients for being barely visible.

4. What is the advantage of clear aligners?

Clear Aligners do not include any metallic components or wires. It is one of the major advantages that you can get your treatment with no obvious material. Another key advantage of clear aligners is its removable feature.

5. How to make impressions for clear aligners?

Clear Aligner Kits include an impression kit which has trays and putty. It helps patients to provide a successful dental impression further required for the fabrication of clear aligners.

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