Unveiling the Truth: Can Clear Aligners Fix Gaps in Your Teeth?

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Orthodontic treatments have advanced over the years providing opportunities for individuals to get seamless smile transformation. Traditional braces have always been the known treatment to get any dental issues fixed. However, clear aligners have emerged as a clear winner when given teeth straightening options. Individuals with different dental issues including diastema, and gaps in the teeth opt for orthodontic treatment to get their issues addressed. In this blog, let us get into the understanding of clear aligners, and discover how they can really fix those tooth gaps.

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Teeth Gaps

Teeth gaps, clinically known as diastema, is a condition in which a person has a gap between their teeth. The gap between the teeth can be anywhere in the mouth, however, it is most common in the front teeth of an individual. It doesn’t have a negative impact on the overall hygiene of an individual whereas may lead to gum disease in some cases.

Causes of Teeth Gaps

A gap in the teeth of an individual can be caused due to different reasons. The most common causes of having a missing tooth include the following.

  • A missing tooth
  • Small sized teeth
  • Abnormal swallowing reflex

However, gaps between the teeth can be fixed through different cosmetic dental treatments including an orthodontic treatment with clear aligners.

Clear Aligners to the Rescue

Clear aligners are popular orthodontic devices that treat mild to moderate malocclusions including teeth gaps. Unlike metal braces, aligners do not consist of external objects like brackets and wires which makes them an easy approach for teeth straightening. Clear aligners are customized for each orthodontic patient.

Aligners are worn on the teeth that exert gentle pressure on the teeth. The wear time for aligners ranges between 20 to 22 hours per day depending on the severity of the case. The usual treatment duration ranges between four to six months which may exceed depending on the severity of the case. Malocclusions, including teeth gaps, can be easily fixed through a clear aligner treatment. Moreover, patients can experience a smooth and comfortable journey with clear aligners.

Benefits to experience with Clear Aligners

An orthodontic treatment with clear aligners comes along with a range of benefits. The following are some of the perks to experience while undergoing treatment with clear aligners.

Enjoy invisible transformation

Clear aligners are composed of clear plastic that is barely visible. It means individuals can get their teeth gaps fixed without even getting noticed. People who do not want to have any compromise on their appearance can have clear aligners for their tooth alignment.

Easily Removable

Traditional braces cannot be removed without the supervision of an expert. Whereas, orthodontic clear aligners can be easily removed whenever you want. However, orthodontic patients are still advised to wear their aligners for at least 22 hours per day for optimal results.

Ensure Oral Hygiene

Since clear aligners can be easily removed, orthodontic patients can ensure proper oral hygiene. When it comes to orthodontic treatment with metal braces, it often gets challenging to clean your teeth due to the presence of metal brackets on the surface of the teeth. However individuals can easily remove their aligners and continue regular brushing and flossing.

Regular Meals

Another challenge often faced by orthodontic patients with metal braces is to keep up with their eating patterns. The presence of metal brackets and wires makes it hard for some patients to eat comfortably. Whereas, clear aligners can be removed to enjoy your daily meals.

ALIGNER32 Clear Aligners

If you look forward to getting your gaps fixed, a clear aligner treatment with ALIGNER32 can be your best way to move forward. Achieve your dream smile in no time by barely getting noticed with the high-quality aligners. Here’s why you can opt for ALIGNER32 to get your gaps fixed.

  • The most affordable clear aligner treatment you will come across.
  • Entire treatment from the comfort of your home.
  • Treatment under the supervision of experts.
  • Effective and faster treatment.

How it works?

1. Consultation

Initially, consult with our experienced orthodontist to get a customized treatment plan for yourself. Our experts will determine whether you are the right candidate for the aligner treatment and will guide you in the next steps.

2. Impressions

You can take your impressions from the comfort of your home through our impressions kit which includes everything required to craft perfect impressions. Send us back your impressions to get your aligners delivered.

3. Aligners

On receiving your impressions, we provide a smile projection for you to approve. After reviewing the projected smile, your aligners are fabricated and delivered to your doorstep.

4. Follow-up

Throughout the treatment, you can have a follow-up with the expert anytime you want. Moreover, you will be assisted with any type of adjustment required.

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Summing it up, clear aligners have become a popular choice of treatment among people of all ages to address their dental issues. Having tooth gaps is also pretty common among people now. Aligners have indeed become an effective method to fix gaps in the teeth. If you look forward to getting your gaps fixed, clear aligners can be the treatment you can look forward to. By understanding aligners and their benefits, you will be able to make an informed decision.


1. Are clear aligners an effective way to fix teeth gaps?

Clear aligners exert gentle pressure on your teeth to bring about a desirable change. Aligners help to move your teeth over time resulting in filling your spaces.

2. What are the benefits of clear aligners?

A clear aligner treatment comes with a range of benefits for individuals. They are invisible which means you can get barely noticed while getting your tooth aligned, easily removable, and provide a comfortable experience.

3. Can clear aligners fix teeth gaps?

Yes, clear aligners can fix gaps between your teeth by exerting gentle pressure on your teeth.

4. Can I get my teeth gaps fixed from home?

Yes, with ALIGNER32 Clear Aligners you can get your gaps fixed within four to six months depending on the severity of the case.

5. What is the treatment duration of clear aligners?

The average treatment duration of a clear aligner treatment is four to six months. However, it may extend if an individual does not fulfill the wear time as prescribed by the orthodontist.

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