Get the Scoop on Aligners for Kids & Teens: A Parent's Complete Guide

Clear Aligners

Malocclusions have become prevalent in people of all ages. When it comes to kids and teens, dental issues are more common but to your surprise, these dental concerns can be addressed through orthodontic treatments easily. This blog will provide a parent’s guide on clear aligner treatment for kids and teens. Discover how aligners work, the pros, and cons to make a perfect decision for your kids.

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Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatments assist in tooth alignment and addressing any dental concerns. Clear aligners are one of the orthodontic treatments that have become popular over time due to the exciting features they have to offer.

Clear Aligners for Teens and Kids

Clear aligner treatment has become immensely popular in the past few years. They are made up of plastic material and are worn over the teeth. Unlike metal braces, clear aligners are not fixed on the top of the teeth. They are best known to treat mild to moderate dental issues including overbite, underbite, crowding, openbite, and teeth gaps. Clear aligners can be worn by anyone regardless of age. However, individuals must have permanent teeth for effective clear aligner treatment.

Pros of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners move your teeth to the desirable place by exerting gentle pressure on the teeth. The following are some of the pros of opting for a clear aligner treatment.


Clear aligners offer a much more comfortable treatment experience compared to traditional braces. Initially, they might feel slight discomfort when wearing aligners. However, the discomfort disappears as soon as you get used to aligners. On every adjustment, metal braces often cause discomfort and irritation to the gums.


One of the biggest perks of a clear aligner treatment is that they are barely visible. Some kids and teens just do not want to compromise their appearance while getting straighter teeth. If you opt for a clear aligner treatment for your kid, you will give them a seamless smile transformation.

Intact Oral Hygiene

While undergoing a clear aligner treatment, orthodontic patients can ensure good oral hygiene. Clear aligners are easily removable which helps kids and teens to have regular teeth brushing and flossing. It assures that orthodontic patients do not have any bacterial buildup and plaque throughout the treatment.

Eating Patterns

Metal braces include external objects; brackets and wires which makes it hard for an individual to keep up with their eating patterns. Whereas, clear aligners do not include any such external objects and can be easily removed. It is one of the benefits of a clear aligner treatment to remove them whenever you want and enjoy your daily meals.

Cons of Clear Aligners

As charming as a clear aligner treatment sounds, it does have its cons too. The following are some of the cons that come along with a clear aligner treatment.

Wear Time

Clear aligners are easily removable which makes them exciting. However, it may impact the effectiveness of a clear aligner treatment if patients do not comply with the wear time of clear aligners. The wear time duration for clear aligners is 22 hours per day which must be met for optimal results.

Treatment Duration

In case a kid or a teenager doesn’t wear their aligners for the prescribed time they won’t be able to get the results in the prescribed time frame. As fascinating as removing aligners is, it may extend the treatment duration if not worn accordingly.

Frequent Cleaning

Aligners can be removed for eating and brushing of teeth which means they require frequent cleaning before reinserting them. Kids and even teens are sometimes occupied with activities and other tasks and oral hygiene is often compromised.

Not Suitable for all Cases

Clear aligners are a good alternative for teeth straightening. However, they are not suitable for every case. They treat mild to moderate cases whereas complex cases often require traditional braces.

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Summing it up for Parents

If you are worried about the dental issues of your kid, clear aligner treatment can be the perfect fit for them. However, it is extremely crucial to know everything before starting any treatment. Clear aligner treatment is an effective orthodontic treatment for treating various dental concerns. Whereas like any other treatment, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Get the complete understanding of clear aligner treatment through this blog and get your kid’s teeth straightening started today!


1. Is a clear aligner treatment effective for teeth straightening?

Yes, a clear aligner treatment is an effective orthodontic approach for treating mild to moderate cases. However, in some severe cases, metal braces are preferred.

2. Can kids get clear aligners?

Yes, individuals with permanent teeth can get a clear aligner treatment. Further, your orthodontist can best suggest the treatment.

3. Do clear aligners fix teeth gaps?

Yes, clear aligners are an effective approach to fixing your teeth gaps. Aligners exert gentle pressure on your teeth and bring them to the desirable place.

4. What are the benefits of a clear aligner treatment?

Clear aligners are removable, invisible, and a comfortable approach to get your teeth straightened. Regardless of age, you can get aligners on your orthodontist's recommendation.

5. What is the treatment duration of clear aligners?

The treatment duration for clear aligners ranges between four to six months. However, some complex cases may require a longer duration.

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